Video Production / Media Production / Multimedia Specialist


Video Production / Media Production / Multimedia Specialist



The art of storytelling is finding the voice the story deserves. With a deep passion for emotion, and a strong inclination toward new challenges and experiences, Alison hopes to write in the stars and weave threads into narratives. Alison has a history of theatre and stage acting, as well as experience in fast paced live broadcast news. She also has managed data and technical operations for multi-media and advertising purposes. Alison loves handling the many facets of her work, and enjoys wearing many hats.

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Location Chicago, IL


Video Production / Media Production / Multimedia Specialist


  • Education

    • Bachelor of Arts

      University of Michigan (2010-2014)

      Screen Arts and Culture

  • Work Experience

    • The Mill, Chicago

      Technical Operator (September 2015 - Present)

      Media In, Media Out. Handling of all files created and delivered under The Mill. Reception and organization of all project and management data, as well as creation of and quality control of all footage, data, and deliverables leaving our office. Technical operations and control of inter-office data relations. Also managed both Distribution and Dispatch departments during office growth.

    • The Mill, Chicago

      Client Services - Runner (December 2014 - September 2015)

      Daily management of office and client expectations. Organization of both specialized and general oce workings, as well as planning and supporting events and daily gatherings. Leadership in client services, specializing in mediating expectations, client comfort, and peer management.

    • Housing Information Technology Office | University of Michigan

      Video/Multi-Media Production Coordinator (2013-2014)

      Production and development of Digital Literacy Scholars Program, including planning, research, and creation of ideas and initiatives. Media creation such as but not limited to logo design and animation, branding, filming and editing PSAs

    • Alpha Grid Productions | London, U.K.

      Productions Assistant, Internship (Summer 2013)

      Assisted in all facets of a small independent production company, both production and day to day office work. Script writing, time coding, logging, directing, interview arrangement, production.

    • Housing Information Technology Office | University of Michigan

      Media Assistant (2012-2013)

      Filmed, produced, distributed University of Michigan videos. Assisted and oversaw student television station WOLV-TV from technical and University position.

  • Additional Experience

    • WOLV-TV | University of Michigan

      General Manager, Executive Board (2013-2014)

      Leader of the Executive Board of WOLV TV and all station functions. Oversaw leadership amongst shows and maintenance of station quality. Secured University sponsorship, location, and continued survival of station.

    • WOLV-TV | University of Michigan

      News Director, Executive Board (2012-2013)

      Coordinated two topical news programs and regulation of relationships between producers.

    • WOLV-TV | University of Michigan

      Programming Director, Executive Board (2011-2012)

      Organized show and studio schedules as well as review and processing of new show requests and pilots. Maintained station quality and ensured that all shows met expectations and regulations.

    • WOLV-TV | University of Michigan

      Anchor and Producer, Newsfeed Live News Broadcast (2010-2014)

      Organized and produced weekly live show. On air, live or recorded interviews, in studio, camera operation, concise segment and story writing, scripting, and control room directing.

  • Body of Work

    Video Editing, Music Video “My Friends”

    Story concept and video editing on music video for band Sunday Monday

    Post Conform, Short Film “Beside Himself”

    Post Production conform and credit assembly for short lm and trailer

    Graphic Design + Video Editing, Jables Creed

    Concept, design, and editing on storyboard animation pitch Jables Creed

    Graphic Design + Logo Animation, Jiffy Tite

    Graphic animation and Branding design for motorsports company logo

    Rant Arbor Weekly Sketch, WOLV-TV

    Created, scripted, lmed, edited weekly for university news source

  • Selected Highlights

    • University of Michigan

      University Honors (2010-2014)

      University of Michigan. Four years. Recognition at Honors Convocation.

    • Michigan Association of Broadcasters

      MAB Foundation and Nancy Waters and Mark Waters Scholarship (Spring 2014)

      Awarded by Michigan Association of Broadcasters at GLBC & Expo

    • Alpha Grid Productions

      Internship (Summer 2013)

      Worked abroad in London, U.K.

    • CNBC

      Shadowed CBNC production Team (Summer 2013)

      London, U.K.

    • WOLV-TV | University of Michigan

      Lifetime Achievement Award (Spring 2014)

      Awarded by WOLV-TV Peers

    • Performed in multiple college-level stage productions and student films (2010-2014)

  • Professional Skills

    Editing, Writing, Scripting, Storyboard, Composition, Composting, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere+After Effects+Illustrator+Photoshop, Cinematography, Live Editing, Graphic Design, Data management


Video Production / Media Production / Multimedia Specialist


Contact Info

Phone: 616.498.2293
Location: Chicago, IL
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